About Me

Del Wright with Lake Trout on ice

Lake Trout on ice

Hi and thanks for stopping by! Over the past few years my life has taken a turn in a different direction, I relocated to Superior WI in January of 2014, and started a job at the University of Wisconsin at Superior. I started working in the Distance Learning Center holding the position of media specialist but was transferred to the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning where I support the faculty and instructional staff development. Previously I was an instructor in the New Media Program at Northland College in Thief River Falls Minnesota in their Center for New Media.

Through out my career I’ve involved myself in media production work, education and also did freelance work. As a freelance graphic artist, web designer and consultant, I’ve developed marketing materials and publications for business and manufacturers throughout the region since 1982.  This work has included, to name a few items; magazine ads, product brochures, logos, corporate visual programs, sign designs, t-shirts, product photography, display materials, packaging design, menus and web site design.

I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Technical Illustration and Graphic Design from Bemidji State University with emphasis in computer imaging and technical illustration. I have held positions in graphic design, technical illustration, marketing/advertising, multi-media production, video/audio production, product development and as a continuing education instructor, working both in manufacturing and higher education. Most recently, I held a position at Mattracks Inc., as the Marketing Manager where I oversaw the daily operations of the marketing/advertising department.

In July 2010 I left my position at Mattracks to return to college as a full-time Graduate student to work towards a masters degree at the University of North Dakota. My goal was to change my career and become a teacher in higher education. I started fall semester in the Technology Department as a full time student and held a Graduate Teaching Assistant position. Towards the end of the semester I had the opportunity to start a teaching job at Northland College, and although this has changed my grad school plans I’ve been able to restart my career working in higher education.

A little about my other interests…

Some of my other interests include; drawing, watercolor painting, art, photography and writing. While working at Mattracks I had the opportunity to pursue some writing.  I’ve always had some interest in writing and not only was lucky enough to have the chance to write a few stories related to my PR work at Mattracks, but I also had several stories published in ATV Illustrated Magazine.

For fun I enjoy fishing, canoeing, camping and motorcycle riding as my site develops I’ll share some of my photos and stories.



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